Tutorials, cheat sheets, and other resources for learning and using RosettaRemodel.
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We've assembled some cheat sheets, references, and tutorials for learning to use RosettaRemodel as a command line executable here in this repo. They're meant to supplement, not replace, the documentation kept at RosettaCommons, which is already very well developed. There probably isn't much here that isn't there already, but hopefully this assembles some of the most important knowledge to get you up and running ASAP.

RosettaRemodel Docs
Old Remodel Docs & Tutorial
Rosetta 3 Forums
Remodel Flags & Options
General Remodel Tutorial
Stanford Rosetta Workshop
Loop Modeling Tutorial
Disulfide Design Tutorial

Most of the documents in this repository are written in Markdown - here is a quick guide if you are new to it.

Contents of this repository

remodel_overview.md - An introduction to RosettaRemodel, how it works, and some basic knowledge that will be useful in learning to use it. Start here if you are new to this repository!

intro_to_sherlock.md - A quick-start guide for lab members new to or just getting started on Sherlock.

remodel_flags.md - A newbie-friendly list of the most commonly used flags in RosettaRemodel.

remodel_bugs.md - A kind of Stack Overflow for RosettaRemodel. Adding bugs and fixes to this list will hopefully save everyone time in the long run!

de_novo_design/ - A step-by-step tutorial for de novo protein design using Rosetta fragment sampling.