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A set of scripts that will rapidly deploy Ubuntu servers / desktops to my personal liking
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I built this to be modular. I'm not an expert in BASH by ANY means but I'm trying to learn more. Any comments or suggestions please feel free to email me at or just leave a comment on GITHUB.

Awesome features I currently have:
	- Sets up MacBook 4,1 installation on Ubuntu 10.04
	- AptCacher-NG Proxy and Proxy AutoDetect
	- A DNS Builder that'll set up DNS based on the responces from some prompts
	- A linux detection feature that'll select the correct scripts for your version of linux (Currently only have ubuntu 10.04)
	- Minecraft Server that'll auto generate a RAMDISK for increased IO Performance for the server. It mostly works (Fstab and Crontab are a bit wonky right now)
	- Rsync Backup generation script. Will create a RSYNC script and crontab entry based on your needs
	- Also currently sets up the entire enviroment to **MY** liking (Ex. Coloured Terminals, VIM Config, basic firewall setup)
	- I also have commonly used program installation

Things I'm planning to implement:
	- More versions of ubuntu that work with it (Currently only 10.04)
	- DNS Updater script to add or remove records
	- Serious Clustering Scripts to assist with installation
		- Including Heartbeat
		- Fencing of NFS resources
		- Cronosync
		- And more!!
		- Oh and possible Minecraft Clustering..... We'll see.
	- Zabbix server and agent configurations
	- And some more stuff that's eluding me currently

Thank you for checking out my scripts!
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