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Resources for Local Event Leaders

Leading a local ProtoSchool workshop? This is a place for you to find resources, from advice to swag to presentation materials.

Advice and Guidance

Advice from fellow leaders

One of the best resources for hosting a successful ProtoSchool workshop is the experience of other local leaders. Check out the discussion tag in our issue queue to find conversations about best practices for event planning and more. For example, there's a discussion issue all about planning your first ProtoSchool event. Feel free to open a new issue to share what's working well for you!

While you're at it, take a minute to introduce yourself to your fellow organizers!

Presentations on managing local communities and leading ProtoSchool workshops

At IPFS Camp in 2019, three of our local organizers -- (@NukeManDan from Denver, USA, @kk3wong from Hong Kong, and @stefanhans from Munich -- Germany) led an elective workshop on stewarding a local IPFS community, which included tips both for leading effective ProtoSchool workshops and running local Meetup groups. Check out the slides!

ProtoSchool community call

All local event leaders, tutorial authors, and other contributors to the ProtoSchool community are welcome on the ProtoSchool community call, where we share updates on the steps we're taking to make it easy to get started with decentralized web technologies through both our online tutorials and our local events. Listen in to hear what the project maintainers are working on or share updates from your local workshops. Check out the call's GitHub issue to find video recordings and meeting notes from from past calls, as well as announcements of upcoming calls, or access the meeting invite on the IPFS Community Calendar. The call is open to all and is typically held on Thursdays at at 15:30 UTC (roughly March - October) or 16:30 UTC (roughly November - February), based on season. Please check the issue or calendar above to confirm the current time.

You can find links to meeting notes and recordings of past calls in our archive, or view all ProtoSchool videos in our YouTube playlist.

Tips for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment

We take pride in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all ProtoSchool community members, both online and at live events. To that end, we have a global Code of Conduct for the ProtoSchool community as a whole, as well as requiring event organizers to provide and enforce one for each individual event.

As an event organizer, you're responsible for maintaing your event's Code of Conduct, outlining clear reporting procedures for violations, and responding to reports of any concerning incidents. In addition to providing contact details for reporting incidents to your event leadership team, your Code of Conduct will also need to mention our global ProtoSchool Code of Conduct and note that your attendees have the option of reporting your local organizing team to the global ProtoSchool team if you violate the Code of Conduct yourself or fail to address reports appropriately. (See suggested wording.)

We've created a local Code of Conduct template that you are welcome to adapt for your events and which already includes those references. However, you're also welcome to create your own Code of Conduct from scratch or update an existing one you've been using for your educational group. Check out our detailed guidance for both approaches.

There are a lot of great resources on why Codes of Conduct are important and how you can navigate any issues that may arise.

Presentation materials and digital assets

ProtoSchool slide templates

We've created a ProtoSchool slide deck template which you may copy and use to create slides for events that teach our ProtoSchool tutorials (see our event guidelines). It includes a wide variety of adaptable slide formats and icons. All files are shared as view only to prevent accidental edits to the template. Please be sure to replace any default presenter names, headshots, etc. with your own information.

The slides are available in a variety of formats:

  • PowerPoint (click the download icon near the top right of the screen)
  • Keynote (click the download icon near the top right of the screen)
  • Google Slides
    • Preview file (can be viewed without a Google login, but you will not be able to edit or copy the file)
    • Make a copy (while logged in with a Google account, click the "Make a copy" button to create a copy in your own Google Drive folder)

ProtoSchool logo files

Whether you're building an event website or a slide deck for your next qualified ProtoSchool workshop, you may want to include the ProtoSchool logo. You can find design files in both SVG and PNG formats, as well as a favicon image for your event website, in our assets directory.

Presentations on DWeb concepts and protocols

Looking for some educational materials in a more traditional format to supplement your hands-on ProtoSchool workshops at other events organized by your group?

Physical goodies

Swag ("stuff we all get") for local events

Let's face it, everyone loves swag!

ProtoSchool hex stickers are now available for you to share with attendees at your local events! 馃帀 You can view the sticker design here. (Note that this image represents the final product and is only for digital use. It does not include the cut lines and bleed required by printers.)

To request ProtoSchool stickers, please email and provide the following details:

  • Event name and date
  • Quantity of ProtoSchool stickers requested
  • Name and mailing address where stickers should be sent

All requests must be placed at least 1.5 weeks prior to your event to ensure we have enough shipping time. You'll receive an email with tracking details when your swag order has shipped.