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Roadmap and meeting notes for the entire ProtoSchool project, spanning both our online tutorials and local chapters
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ProtoSchool Roadmap

The ProtoSchool Vision

To make it easy to get started with decentralized web technologies.

Guiding Principles

  • ProtoSchool’s self-paced online tutorials are beginner-friendly. (Advanced content is presented only when we have intermediate content in place to provide scaffolding that bridges the content gap.)
  • ProtoSchool offers a cohesive and consistently-formatted set of tutorials for learning about the decentralized web. (It doesn’t serve as a catch-all for all formats of educational content.)
  • A growing community of local, self-governing ProtoSchool chapters provide the opportunity for learners to explore our tutorials at live events with support from mentors.
  • Online tutorials, local events, and chapter discussions provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all community members.

Top-Level Goals


This proposed execution path represents our best intentions, and is subject to refinement and improvement as the needs and capacity of the project change over time.

More tightly defined objectives and key results (OKRs) for the immediate future can be found in our Q3 2019 OKRs. See our meeting notes or join our next ProtoSchool Weekly Call for progress updates.

Content Development

Objective: The ProtoSchool website includes a increasing range of tutorial content from across multiple projects.

  • Short term (Q2 2019)

    • Add new tutorials
      • Publish tutorial on File API
      • Create 1+ tutorial(s) for IPFS Camp with assistance from IPFS team
    • Enable efficient project growth by clearly document process for building tutorials
  • Medium term (6-9 month horizon)

    • Work with PL project teams to draft a content roadmap
    • Add tutorials on libp2p and IPLD
    • Increase quantity of IPFS content
    • Iterate on process for enabling community contributors to build tutorials
  • Long term (~1 year +)

    • Add tutorials on Filecoin and Multiformats
    • Assess demand for (and challenges of creating) command line tutorials
    • Assess demand for content from projects not sponsored by Protocol Labs

Learner Experience

Objective: The ProtoSchool website’s structure and design support a positive learning experience.

  • Short term (Q2 2019)

    • Enable tutorials that support file upload

    • Restructure Vue components to enable an independent landing page (table of contents) for each tutorial

    • Add a final lesson to each tutorial which links out to external resources for additional learning materials and opportunities for contributions

    • Enable tutorials that support multiple-choice questions

  • Medium term (6-9 month horizon) - Address user feedback on lessons that need more clarity (as shared in issue queue)

    • Conduct UX review / usability testing to assess future needs around user interface, accessibility, and responsive design
    • Improve clarity of relationship between lessons and tutorials through typography, consistent naming, and improved navigation
    • Enable labeling, sorting, or filtering of tutorials by subject matter (product/protocol)
    • Improve branding and visual design, including iconography and diagrams
    • Offer learner the option to view the solution to a challenge
    • Enable enhanced metadata by page to support social sharing
  • Long term (~1 year +)

    • Build support for chunking tutorials into courses of study
    • Iterate on “useful concepts” vs embedded glossary support
    • Explore localization/translation strategy

Community Growth

Objective: Chapter leaders are enabled to foster local learning communities around the globe.

  • Short term (Q2 2019)

    • Improve internal processes to support chapter creation
      • Automate chapter repo creation in GitHub
      • Clarify guidance and expectations for chapter organizers
  • Medium term (6-9 month horizon) - Improve organizer experience and onboarding

    • Provide positive examples of effective events and community discussions
    • Offer opportunities for chapter leaders to learn from each other (sync calls, discussions)
    • Amplify chapter events through social channels
    • Provide additional ProtoSchool swag
  • Long term (~1 year +)

    • Proactively increase number of local chapters
      • Target IPFS meetup organizers
      • Highlight ProtoSchool at related events
      • Call for organizers via social channels
      • Build map of chapters around the world

Project Management

Objective: Internal structures position ProtoSchool for future growth.

  • Short term (Q2 2019)

    • Enable collection of metrics to support decisions about future content
      • Add event tracking for actions like completing lessons, refreshing code
      • Adapt hosting and URL strategy to ensure analytics tools can distinguish between page views on different tutorials
    • Enable efficient project growth
      • Determine capacity needs
      • Assess the demand for a ProtoSchool blog or publication
    • Explore how cultural differences will affect local chapter needs
  • Medium term (6-9 month horizon)

  • Long term (~1 year +)

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