Web interface for controlling a GRBL via a Raspberry Pi
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Raspberry Pi CNC

Web interface for controlling GRBL via a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi CNC Web interface


  • Single Command Mode: In this mode only one command is sent to GRBL(G-Code Enterpeter) at a time. It will wait for the machine to go into idle mode before the next g-code command is sent.
  • Command routing. Create custom commands, example: Run a Python script to send notifications or shut down the system once the job has finished. Example command "RUNPYTHON" - This will ping the local host.


The software is made available "AS IS". It is in an early stage of development. Hence there should be plenty of bugs not yet spotted. Please use/try it with care, I don't want to be liable if it causes any damage :)


https://github.com/andrewhodel/grblweb (Andrew Hodel) was a huge inspiration and the look and feel is very similar. (The backend was ported from NodeJs to Python and uses Flask and Socket.io...)