Quick way to setup a GCC Toolchain for mbed projects.
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mBed GCC Toolchain - Vagrant


Vagrant is a tool for building virtual workspaces. Its main benifits is that work enviroments can be setup once and destributed between users. Perfect for sharing complex Toolchains. This repository provides the vagrantfile that contains all the enviroment settings to create the virtual linux box that can compile mBed GCC projects.



All that is needed to create the virtual box is to run vagrant up in the folder containing the vagrantfile

After the installation has been done the a SSH port will be opened on the local host with the following details.

  • SSH
  • Username : vagrant
  • Password : vagrant

A shared folder is also create: On the Linux box folder /vagrant is the same as the host folder where the vagrantfile is located.


  • Download this repository to a local folder.
  • Export a project from the Online mBed IDE(GCC toolchain)
  • Extract the contents of the export into the src folder
  • SSH to the Vagrant box (SSH details above)(I use Putty for windows and SSH for Linux)
  • cd /vagrant/src (Where the makefile is located)
  • make
  • The src folder should now contain the binary files(bin,hex,elf) if the make command was succesfull.