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Gatsby React Boilerplate



  • Basic configuration and folder structure
  • Uses postcss and sass (with autoprefixer and pixrem)
  • Uses Bootstrap 4 grid
  • Leaves the styling to you
  • Uses data from local json files
  • Contains Node.js server code for easy, secure, and fast hosting
  • SVG sprites: Add your icons in components/icon as .icon files and use them.

How to proceed

  1. Prepare a coffee
  2. Run: npm i to install the dependencies
  3. Run: npm run dev to run Gatsby
  4. You should see shortly some text that says The development server is listening at: http://localhost:8000. Open that address in your browser and…
  5. Start coding!

How to build

  1. Run: npm run build to build website into /public folder


  • RTL: The usual method of generating different css file for RTL pages (as seen in static-html-boilerplate) will not work out of the box here since Gatsby pulls all the css together, this means the RTL css will override the LTR one.