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/* GL_shadow: an implementation of the stencil shadow volumes technique
* Copyright (C) 2005 Angelo "Encelo" Theodorou
* test_obj.c: OBJ loader test program
#include "rendering/object.h"
int main(int argc, char **argv)
Object *obj;
int nf, i;
Face *face;
Point *n, *t, *v;
if (argc != 2){
printf("One argument is needed!\n");
return -1;
if((obj = InitObject(argv[1])) == NULL){
printf("Error loading the object!\n");
return -1;
printf("Name: %s\n", obj->Name);
printf("TexId: %u\n", obj->TexId);
printf("Diffuse Color: <%f, %f, %f, %f>\n", obj->Diffuse[0], obj->Diffuse[1], obj->Diffuse[2], obj->Diffuse[3]);
printf("Ambient Color: <%f, %f, %f, %f>\n", obj->Ambient[0], obj->Ambient[1], obj->Ambient[2], obj->Ambient[3]);
printf("Specular Color: <%f, %f, %f, %f>\n", obj->Specular[0], obj->Specular[1], obj->Specular[2], obj->Specular[3]);
printf("%d faces\n\n", obj->nFaces);
for(nf=0; nf < obj->nFaces; nf++){
face = &obj->Faces[nf];
printf("Face number %d\n", nf);
printf("Plane equation: %f*x + %f*y + %f*z + %f\n", face->pEq.a, face->pEq.b, face->pEq.c, face->pEq.d);
for(i=0; i<3; i++){
n = &obj->Normals[face->NorIdx[i]];
t = &obj->TexCoords[face->TexIdx[i]];
v = &obj->Vertices[face->VertIdx[i]];
printf("V: <%f, %f, %f>\n", v->x, v->y, v->z);
printf("N: <%f, %f, %f>\n", n->x, n->y, n->z);
printf("T: <%f, %f, %f>\n", t->x, t->y, t->z);
printf("Neighbour Index: %d\n", face->NeighIdx[i]);
return 0;