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Issues Usage

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Thank you for coming here to read this. Please understand the collaborators here are a very small group people…with the support of only a handful of active contributors at various times… So, we need your help to keep the issue board efficient and uncluttered which will save a lot of time.

NOTE: We get notifications for every issue and every comment, and have to review and close every new issue that is created whether it's development related not (of course this is open source and no one here is getting paid to work on this).


Issues Usage


  • Bug Reports
    Before posting a bug, please try to isolate the issue by testing and narrowing down variables involved if you can and definitely explain more detail about what you did when the bug was experienced, providing the steps so we can try to reproduce it. This will save us a lot time wasted replying with the same general set of initial questions…
  • Feature Suggestions/Requests/Proposals
    New features are exciting for sure, but before jumping the gun, please check thoroughly that there isn't an existing ticket for your feature or a similar one (try searching multiple ways and keywords) before posting.
  • Planned Features/Actionable Tasks
    …not "issues" persay, but features planned for future releases that we are using Issues to track and assign as we work toward milestones. (This is more for the core collaborators really as consensus is drawn up for action plans)
  • Emoji Reactions
    …especially the 👍 + 👎 emojis, to cast your general opinion or favor of a topic or comment. These are generally preferred over adding more comments, unless you have a valid case or counter that will add value to the issue discussion.


  • General Questions
    Check the readme and wiki, especially Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Open Discussions
    Join the Provenance-Emu Discord
  • Issueless Gratitude
    I think we all appreciate the gratitude, but the Issues isn't the place for it unless it's used to soften the blow of a bug report or feature request, in which case: by all means… Otherwise, please use our twitter, or tell us in the #general channel on Discord.


  • Before posting…
    • Check the wiki
    • Read the Readme
    • Search the Issues (and please try a few searches with different keywords)
    • Take a look at the open Pull Requests
    • If all else fails, ask for #help channel on our Discord
  • Don't derail the issue.
    • Keep your comments on the issue topic
    • Link other related issues in the description or comments using #[issuenumber]
    • If needed, open a new ticket for unrelated issues that pop up in the comments (unless there is an existing issue that already covers it)


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