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Opinionated eventsourcing library
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(Yet Another) Opinionated Event Sourcing Library

This project is a playground for experimenting with .net Standard, async and a simple API for a Sql/NoSql backed EventStore. Heavily inspired from NEventStore, rewritten from scratch to be simple to learn and highly extensible.

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Streams API

var persister = new InMemoryPersistence();
var streams = new StreamsFactory(persister);

// Write to stream
var stream = streams.Open("Stream_1");
await stream.AppendAsync(new { data = "Hello world!" });

// Read from stream
await stream.ReadAsync(data => {
    Console.WriteLine($"  index {data.Index} => {data.Payload}");
    return Task.FromResult(true);


The source comes with a Sample App to illustrate some basic stuff you can do.

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