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The project compiles on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (MinGW/MSYS).
it requires:
- gcc >= 4.4
- libpthread
- GNU libreadline or BSD libedit (editline)
- libusb
- perl
- an ARM cross-compiler to compile the firmware
and optionally QT for the GUI
To compile, just run "make".
= Windows =
The following is a complete list of packages required to setup the compile environment yourself. Alternatively you can download an archive of the full environment (see below).
1 - Install QT SDK for Windows [1]
In the following instructions, we'll assume you installed it to C:\QT
2 - MSYS-1.0.11 [2]
Just follow the installation procedure.
When asked if you have MinGW installed and for its path, provide:
3 - readline-5.0-1-bin [5]
From this archive, copy:
bin/* to C:\QT\mingw\bin
include/* to C:\QT\mingw\include
lib/*.a to C:\QT\mingw\lib
4 - libusb-win32-device-bin- [6]
Be careful here, it is *NOT* working with the filter version!
Likewise copy:
include/usb.h to C:\QT\mingw\include
lib/gcc/libusb.a to C:\QT\mingw\lib
5 - Install DevkitPro [5]
You'll need it to compile the firmware (ARM) side.
You only need devkitARM, nothing more (no extra lib or anything else)
Assuming you installed it to C:\devkitpro, make sure you set
the DEVKITARM environment variable to /c/devkitPro/devkitARM :
export DEVKITARM=/c/devkitPro/devkitARM
Also, add its bin to your PATH:
6 - Install Strawberry Perl [6]
7 - Setup a few variables
In your shell from MSYS, make sure you set QTDIR to your QT installation:
export QTDIR=/c/QT/qt
And add its bin to your path as well:
export PATH=$PATH:$QTDIR/bin
Download links:
Rather than download and install every one of these packages, a new ProxSpace
environment archive file will be made available for download on the project
page at
Download the ProxSpace environment archive and extract it to C:\
= Mac OS X =
Installing from HomeBrew tap
This method is recommended and tested on macOS Sierra 10.12.3
1. Install homebrew if you haven't yet already done so:
2. Tap proxmark repo:
brew tap proxmark/proxmark3
3. Install Proxmark3:
Stable release
brew install proxmark3
Latest non-stable from GitHub (use this if previous command fails)
brew install --HEAD proxmark3
For more information go to
Compilling from source manually (Legacy)
Tested on OSX 10.10 Yosemite
1 - Install Xcode and Xcode Command Line Tools
2 - Install Homebrew and dependencies
brew install libusb p7zip libusb-compat wget qt5 pkgconfig
3 - Install DevKitARM for OSX
Option 1:
Unpack devkitARM_r44-osx.tar.bz2 to proxmark3 directory.
Option 2:
brew tap nitsky/stm32
brew install arm-none-eabi-gcc
4 - Edit proxmark3/client/Makefile adding path qt5
LDLIBS = -L/usr/local/opt/qt5/lib -L/opt/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib ../liblua/liblua.a -lreadline -lpthread -lm
CFLAGS = -std=c99 -I/usr/local/opt/qt5/include -I. -I../include -I../common -I../zlib -I/opt/local/include -I../liblua -Wall $(COMMON_FLAGS) -g -O4
5 - Set Environment
export DEVKITPRO=$HOME/proxmark3/
export PATH=${PATH}:${DEVKITARM}/bin
= Linux =
1 - Download
A precompiled DevKitARM cross compiler tool chain package can be found at
Select the one you need (32bit or 64bit) and unpack to a convinient place, eg
$HOME/proxmark3/. It will create a devkitARM/ subdirectory.
You will also need a general compiling environment on your computer for
the client and the libusb headers. In most distributions you will get all you
need with the lsb-package (Linux Standard Base). In debian/ubuntu you simply
call `aptitude install lsb libusb-dev libreadline-dev libreadline6`.
For the graphical plot view, you might need the qtlibs (debian/ubuntu:
libqt4-dev), too.
2 - Set Environment
export DEVKITPRO=$HOME/proxmark3/
export PATH=${PATH}:${DEVKITARM}/bin
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