Aluminum extrusion conversion for the Original Prusa i3 MK2
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3030 Haribo Edition

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credit: @arobe

Unaffiliated Statement

We are not affiliated with Prusa Research and the work hereafter was done independently / derived from open source files

We are not affiliated with any Facebook group, any one claiming the haribo mod / haribo3030 / zaribo mod / etc is doing so on their own and it's not part of the effort

The ONLY official source is this github and the ONLY official channel to reach us is listed below (mattermost).

Contact us

Please join our Mattermost if you want to reach us.

There is a lot of different topics / channels on there, we welcome all with open arms.


you do this modification at your own risk

we are not responsible for any damages / injuries that might arise from the usage of all material, including but not limited to ideas, documentation, diagrams, that you get from this github. All precautions and safety protection should be taken and only attempt it if you are experienced in this area.


Inspiration for the project came from davtr mk2 conversion Prusa i3 MK2-X

The use of 3030 extrusion makes the frame very rigid and square. It takes a lot of the guess work out of building the MK2

The name is from the candy that we get when we buy the MK2 kits. Somebody jokingly said that's a good name and it sort of stuck.

We welcome any contribution to the project, just open a PR (pull request) and we will review and merge changes

Haribo in the wild

S3D base settings

  • 60mm/s 60% other speeds 30% first layer speed
  • 80mm/s 50% other speeds 25% first layer speed
  • 100mm/s 40% other speeds 20% first layer speed
  • 120mm/s 30% other speeds 15% first layer speed
# username frame/color Version 60mm/s 80mm/s >100mm/s
0 jtktam Silver/Orange
Yes Yes Yes
1 geoffreyc Silver/Orange Yes Yes Yes
2 Silver/Pineapple Yes Yes Yes
3 joostvwillegen Black/Metallic Gray
Yes Yes Yes
4 chinooktx Silver/Black Yes Yes Yes
5 skuiper Black/Purple+Green Yes Yes
6 JJ Black/Violet
7 satmanager Silver/Cherry Red Yes Yes
8 ryanneufeld Black/Black
9 tricko Black/Black+White Yes Yes Yes
10 cube
11 johnocfii Black/Jade Yes
12 jasonh Silver/Transparent Yes Yes Yes
13 jonasrh Black/GITD green
14 evad Silver/Silver Yes Yes Yes
15 patrik
16 abjorshammar
17 stevendpclark
18 arb Silver/Lime Green
19 philsburry Silver/Translucent Blue
20 kaiserheld
21 tcolby Silver/White
22 ollietwist Silver/Orange
23 Jb3872 Black/Burgundy
24 unkle_rukus Black/Neon Green Yes Yes Yes
25 carre55 Black/Orange
26 dark-nico Silver/Dark Green
27 olliet Silver/Patchwork Colors
28 cova Black/Translucent Blue
29 butthurt_beluga Silver/Orange
30 jadam Black/Black
31 bg Silver/Patchwork Colors
32 curt.darius Silver/Orange
33 evil4blue Silver/Blue
34 nick ?
35 actibbs Silver/Translucent Orange
36 Cappy175 Black/Lime Green
37 Grooperdude Black/Dark Pruple
38 totalitarian
39 mloidl Silver/Melon Yellow Yes Yes Yes
40 IcicleTrepan Black/Green
41 ballzyk0umpa Black/Orange
42 Dino Black/Pink MK2.5 Yes Yes Yes
43 skydriver Silver/Translucent Green yes yes yes
44 kstiers Black/Translucent Sapphire
45 christherock23 Black/SkyBlue
46 RiskyBirdness Silver/Red/Black Yes Yes Yes
47 SkyDriver Silver/Green Metallic N/A N/A N/A
48 cdunham1974 Silver/Translucent Magenta N/A N/A N/A
49 psynautic
50 devsfan1830 Black/Orange