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πŸ› πŸŒ³ The Terraria API enables to developers to build plugins that hook directly into the Terraria game engine.
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TShock.Modifications.Bootstrapper Remove Console.ReadKey() call in order to pass the AV build Jul 31, 2019
TShock.Modifications.ClientUUID Update to Terraria protocol (OTAPI Apr 25, 2017
TShock.Modifications.ConnectionLoop Add ConnectionLoop modification Jun 28, 2019
TShock.Modifications.Platform update OTAPI nuget package to Oct 26, 2018
TerrariaServerAPI Merge pull request #162 from Pryaxis/load-from-exec-dir Aug 1, 2019
.gitattributes Line ending normalization: Windows (CRLF) Aug 23, 2013
.gitignore Enable proper UTF-8 Console support on TSAPI Apr 23, 2017
build_instructions.txt Fixed statues not summoning mobs Dec 9, 2016

Terraria Server API

Build status

This is the Terraria Server API, the API that TShock for Terraria runs on.


  • Hooks for the most used events & calls used by Terraria.
  • Runs plugins from the ServerPlugins folder.
  • Direct access to all methods inside Terraria Server itself.
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