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LDAP provider for Terraform
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Terraform LDAP



You can easily install the latest version with the following :

go get -u

Then add the plugin to your local .terraformrc :

cat >> ~/.terraformrc <<EOF
providers {
    ldap = "${GOPATH}/bin/terraform-provider-ldap"

Provider example

provider "ldap" {
    ldap_host = ""
    ldap_port = 389
    use_tls = true
    bind_user = "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com"
    bind_password = "admin"

Resource LDAP Object example

resource "ldap_object" "foo" {
    # DN must be complete (no RDN!)
    dn = "uid=foo,dc=example,dc=com"

    # classes are specified as an array
    object_classes = [

    # attributes are specified as a set of 1-element maps
    attributes = [
        { sn              = "10" },
        { cn              = "bar" },
        { uidNumber       = "1234" },
        { gidNumber       = "1234" },
        { homeDirectory   = "/home/billy" },
        { loginShell      = "/bin/bash" },
        # when an attribute has multiple values, it must be specified multiple times
        { mail            = "" },
        { mail            = "" },

The Bind User must have write access for resource creation to succeed.


This provider is feature complete. As of the latest release, it supports resource creation, reading, update, deletion and importing. It can be used to create nested resources at all levels of the hierarchy, provided the proper (implicit or explicit) dependencies are declared. When updating an object, the plugin computes the minimum set of attributes that need to be added, modified and removed and surgically operates on the remote object to bring it up to date. When importing existing LDAP objects into the Terraform state, the plugin can automatically generate a .tf file with the relevant information, so that the following terraform apply does not drop the imported resource out of the remote LDAP server due to it missing in the local .tf files. In order to have the plugin generate this file, put the name of the output file (which must not exist on disk) in the TF_LDAP_IMPORTER_PATH environment variable, like this:

$> export 
$> terraform import ldap_object.a123456 uid=a123456,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com

and the plugin will create the file with the proper information. Then merge this file into your existing .tf file(s).


This provider supports TLS, but certificate verification is not enabled yet; all connections are through TCP, no UDP support yet.

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