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가짜연구소 (Pseudo Lab)

Non-profit community driving the popularization of machine learning research


  1. data-engineering-for-everybody data-engineering-for-everybody Public

    DE4E: Data Engineering for Everybody by Pseudo-Lab

    Jupyter Notebook 59 12

  2. Tutorial-Book Tutorial-Book Public

    Deep learning tutorials on various tasks using PyTorch

    Jupyter Notebook 37 16

  3. text-to-image-generation-feat-diffusion text-to-image-generation-feat-diffusion Public

    💡Text-to-Image Generation (feat. Diffusion): paper/code review and experimental findings related to text-to-image generation and diffusion-based models

    HTML 34 9

  4. nerds-nerf nerds-nerf Public

    25 4

  5. labmlai_annotated_deeplearning_paper_implementation labmlai_annotated_deeplearning_paper_implementation Public

    KOREAN Translation of labmlai/annotated_deep_learning_paper_implementations

    Jupyter Notebook 36 15

  6. recsys_key_papers_implementation recsys_key_papers_implementation Public

    추천시스템 주요 논문 리뷰 및 구현

    Jupyter Notebook 23 4


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