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Deep Learning Tutorials using PyTorch (PseudoLab)

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


Repository template

Below are the folders and files in book directory:

  • _build : built files using jupyter-book build

  • chapters : .ipynb files of the contents

  • pics : image files used on the contents

  • _config.yml : configuration file for Jupyter Book

  • _toc.yml : table of contents file for Jupyter Book

How to contribute

  1. fork Pseudo-Lab/Tutorial-Book

  2. clone the forked repo to your local computer

    git clone
  3. make necessary changes on the local repo

  4. push the changes made on the local repo to the forked repo

    git add
    git commit
    git push
  5. create a pull request from the forked repo to Pseudo-Lab/Tutorial-Book

  6. Repeat step 3 and 5