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A proof-of-concept widget for integrating Qt and OpenSceneGraph in a thread-safe manner
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QtOSG: combining Qt and OSG in a thread-safe manner

This repository contains a widget based on QOpenGLWidget that is able to wrap a viewer from the OpenSceneGraph library. This makes it possible to combine both toolkits in a thread-safe manner.

Moreover, the widget demonstrates several interaction mechanisms:

  1. Rectangular selection processing
  2. Pick handling
  3. Node file writing (for debug purposes)


  • Linux or MacOS X (see below for a brief discussion on supporting Microsoft Windows)
  • A recent C++ compiler with support for C++11
  • CMake (minimum version 2.8.11)
  • Qt5
  • OpenSceneGraph

What about Microsoft Windows

I am not familiar enough with graphics programming for Microsoft Windows to fully support this as a target platform. In issue 7, it was briefly discussed that some modifications are required for QtOSG to fully compile/work under Microsoft Windows. If you want to target this platform, I would be glad for the help!

Thanks to Martial Tola, support for compiling under Microsoft Windows has been added to the project and I am looking forward to any comments.

Building QtOSG

$ git clone
$ cd QtOSG
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../
$ make

Additional build options can be configured by issuing ccmake . in the build directory. In particular, you can toggle the following options:

  • WITH_PICK_HANDLER: toggle to compile with/without support for point picking
  • WITH_SELECTION_PROCESSING: toggle to compile with/without support for rectangular selections

Using QtOSG

The demo application merely demonstrates basic usage of the widget. Don't expect too much! Start the application by issuing ./qtosg in the build directory.

The following key bindings are active:

  • d: writes the current scene graph to /tmp/sceneGraph.osg
  • h: resets the view to home
  • s: toggles selection processing (if compiled); if active, hold left mouse button down to draw a selection rectangle; selected objects will be shown on the console

How to contribute

Please see the contribution guidelines for more information and a list of the contributors.


QtOSG uses the MIT licence. Pleas see the file in the main directory of the repository for more information.

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