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Lab 1: Intro to Core Development Tools: git, Julia, Jupyter, JuliaBox, ACI
Jupyter Notebook Julia
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Astro 528 Lab 1

Exercise 1

Goal: Learn the basics of core development tools

For this first exercise, there will be very little coding, because we'll focus on getting used to using git, GitHub, the ICS-ACI Jupyter notebook server (or JuliaBox if you prefer), Jupyter notebooks, Julia, a Julia module (Test) and

Start at the course website where it offers help getting setup to complete this lab using ICS-ACI. A link that will trigger GitHub Classroom to create your private repository to start from was provided via the first course announcement.
Once you get a Jupyter notebook server running, access clone your repository (and not the generic lab1-start) and then start reading through and editting ex1.ipynb.

Exercise 2

Goal: Experience the perils of floating point arithmetic

From your Jupyter notebook server, work through ex2.ipynb

Exercise 3

Goal: Reflect on your goals for the semester

Create a file named in your repository. Using markdown, create headings for "My Experience" and "My Goals". Write one paragraph (1-5 sentances) about your previous programming experience. Include a working link somewhere in the paragraph. Create a bulleted list of 3-5 goals for you to acheive during this course.
Remember to commit the file to your local respository and push it to your github, so it will be included in the pull request you create to submit your assignment.
Once you've pushed your code to GitHub, view a rendered version of your file on GitHub to make sure the formatting is as you intended.

Submit your repository

Goal: Learn how to push your commits to GitHub and create a pull request on

Once you're ready to commit and push your responces, look at the help on the course website for instructions on commiting, pushing and submiting your work.

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