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Dank - The Internet Computer Decentralized Bank - A collection of Open Internet Services - Including the Cycles Token (XTC)


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Dank - The Internet Computer Decentralized Bank

Dank is a collection of Open Internet Services for users and developers on the Internet Computer. In this repository, you will find the codebase for Dank's projects, including the canisters that provide these services.

Main Products

Cycles Token (XTC) - Alpha

Coverage Status

The Cycles Token (XTC) is a cycles ledger canister that provides users with a “wrapped/tokenized” version of cycles (XTC) that can be held with just a Principal ID (no need for a Cycles Wallet), and that also includes all the same developer features and functions (calls) as the Cycles Wallet (built into the XTC token itself).

Each Cycles Token (XTC) is backed 1-to-1 with 1 Trillion Cycles (1 XTC = 1 Trillion Cycles), with cycles locked in the canister. Through the XTC canister users & developers can call/perform any traditional trade cycle actions (send, deposit, withdraw, etc.), as well as proxy canister calls funded by cycles in their XTC balance (create canister, proxy calls to canister methods, topping up cycles in calls).

Dank's Cycles Token (XTC) is an Alpha product and is in active development. During this testing/development period, the Dank core team will have control over the canister's upgradeability and the "stop/halt" feature to facilitate bug and security updates, prevent malicious acts, and grow the Main Dank Canister in features. When the project reaches a solid maturity level, it will transition towards a fully community-owned governance system.

Wrapped ICP - WICP

Wrapped ICP (WICP) is a wrapped version of the IC's native token, ICP. Each WICP will be backed 1:1 with ICP, meaning that 1 WICP will always have the exact same value as 1 ICP. The only difference is that, unlike ICP, WICP uses the DIP20 fungible token standard that is specifically designed to allow for interoperability between dApps and other tokens.


The canisters are written in Rust and Motoko. To develop against them requires the rust toolchain, and node to support some build scripts; please ensure these are installed.

To run the tests:

node build.js
cargo test


Dank © Fleek LLC 2021 - License (GPL-3.0)


Dank - The Internet Computer Decentralized Bank - A collection of Open Internet Services - Including the Cycles Token (XTC)



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