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A PHP library for the Monero simplewallet JSON-RPC interface.
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A PHP library for the Monero simplewallet JSON-RPC interface.

For more information about Monero, please visit

If you found this useful, feel free to donate!

XMR: 47Vmj6BXSRPax69cVdqVP5APVLkcxxjjXdcP9fJWZdNc5mEpn3fXQY1CFmJDvyUXzj2Fy9XafvUgMbW91ZoqwqmQ6RjbVtp


Install the library using Composer.

composer require psychiccat/monero-php

Create an Instance of the Wallet

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Monero\Wallet;

$wallet = new Monero\Wallet();

Default hostname and port connects to

To connect to an external IP or different port:

$hostname = YOUR_WALLET_IP;
$wallet = new Monero\Wallet($hostname, $port);

Wallet Methods


$balance = $wallet->getBalance();

Responds with the current balance and unlocked (spendable) balance of the wallet in atomic units. Divide by 1e12 to convert.

Example response:

{ balance: 3611980142579999, unlocked_balance: 3611980142579999 }


$address = $wallet->getAddress();

Responds with the Monero address of the wallet.

Example response:

{ address: '47Vmj6BXSRPax69cVdqVP5APVLkcxxjjXdcP9fJWZdNc5mEpn3fXQY1CFmJDvyUXzj2Fy9XafvUgMbW91ZoqwqmQ6RjbVtp' }


$tx_hash = $wallet->transfer($options);

Transfers Monero to a single recipient OR a group of recipients in a single transaction. Responds with the transaction hash of the payment.


  • options - an array containing destinations (object OR array of objects), mixin (int), unlock_time (int), payment_id (string). Only destinations is required. Default mixin value is 4.
$options = [
    'destinations' => (object) [
        'amount' => '1',
        'address' => '47Vmj6BXSRPax69cVdqVP5APVLkcxxjjXdcP9fJWZdNc5mEpn3fXQY1CFmJDvyUXzj2Fy9XafvUgMbW91ZoqwqmQ6RjbVtp'

Example response:

{ tx_hash: '<b9272a68b0f242769baa1ac2f723b826a7efdc5ba0c71a2feff4f292967936d8>', tx_key: '' }


$tx_hash = $wallet->transferSplit($options);

Same as transfer(), but can split into more than one transaction if necessary. Responds with a list of transaction hashes.

Additional property available for the options array:

  • new_algorithm - true to use the new transaction construction algorithm. defaults to false. (boolean)

Example response:

{ tx_hash_list: [ '<f17fb226ebfdf784a0f5814e1c5bb78c19ea26930a0d706c9dc1085a250ceb37>' ] }


$tx_hashes = $wallet->sweepDust();

Sends all dust outputs back to the wallet, to make funds easier to spend and mix. Responds with a list of the corresponding transaction hashes.

Example response:

{ tx_hash_list: [ '<75c666fc96120a643321a5e76c0376b40761582ee40cc4917e8d1379a2c8ad9f>' ] }


$payments = $wallet->getPayments($payment_id);

Returns a list of incoming payments using a given payment ID.


  • paymentID - the payment ID to scan wallet for included transactions (string)


$payments = $wallet->getBulkPayments($payment_id, $height);

Returns a list of incoming payments using a single payment ID or a list of payment IDs from a given height.


  • paymentIDs - the payment ID or list of IDs to scan wallet for (array)
  • minHeight - the minimum block height to begin scanning from (example: 800000) (int)


$transfers = $wallet->incomingTransfers($type);

Returns a list of incoming transfers to the wallet.


  • type - accepts "all": all the transfers, "available": only transfers that are not yet spent, or "unavailable": only transfers which have been spent (string)


$key = $wallet->queryKey($type);

Returns the wallet's spend key (mnemonic seed) or view private key.


  • type - accepts "mnemonic": the mnemonic seed for restoring the wallet, or "view_key": the wallet's view key (string)


$integratedAddress = $wallet->integratedAddress($payment_id);

Make and return a new integrated address from your wallet address and a given payment ID, or generate a random payment ID if none is given.


  • payment_id - a 64 character hexadecimal string. If not provided, a random payment ID is automatically generated. (string, optional)

Example response:

{ integrated_address: '4HCSju123guax69cVdqVP5APVLkcxxjjXdcP9fJWZdNc5mEpn3fXQY1CFmJDvyUXzj2Fy9XafvUgMbW91ZoqwqmQ96NYBVqEd6JAu9j3gk' }


$splitIntegrated = $wallet->splitIntegrated($integrated_address);

Returns the standard address and payment ID corresponding for a given integrated address.


  • integrated_address - an Monero integrated address (string)

Example response:

{ payment_id: '<61eec5ffd3b9cb57>',
  standard_address: '47Vmj6BXSRPax69cVdqVP5APVLkcxxjjXdcP9fJWZdNc5mEpn3fXQY1CFmJDvyUXzj2Fy9XafvUgMbW91ZoqwqmQ6RjbVtp' }



$height = $wallet->getHeight();

Returns the current block height of the daemon.

Example response:

{ height: 874458 }



Cleanly shuts down the current simplewallet process.

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