An extension of django-tastypie to work with django-nonrel
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Preliminar note

This is a forked version of tastypie-nonrel tuned to fit my needs (and actually to make it work). Use it at your own risk, to be honest I'm very far away from understanding what is really going on down there.

I'm not interested in maintening it so if this is your desire don't hesitate to tell it to me. On the other hand I will happyly accept pull requests.


This is an extension of django-tastypie to support django-nonrel the fork of django with nonrelational backends, and MongoDB in particular.

It should proof useful when Django 1.4 incorporates non-relational backends.

Still under development.


Similar to djangtastypie but instead of use ModelRessource use MongoRessource that you have to import from tastypie_nonrel.ressources instead of tastypie.ressources.

Running tests

In order to run the tests, you should:

Get mongod running in your localhost.

Download the latest version from here:

Instructions to install it in mac os x can be found here:

I would recommend using virtualenvwrapper:

Create a new environment, like so if you set up virtualenvwrapper

mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages django-tastypie-nonrel

Or create one right here and get in it

virtualenv --no-site-packages django_tastypie_nonrel-env source django_tastypie_nonrel-env/bin/activate

Install reqs

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run tests

python test eg

Not very surprisingly, most of the fields were easily repurposed for non-relational fields. List and Dict fields are working fine, it seems.

Embedded fields reuse ToOneField. They are working except for update operations. This is because in # order to update, django-mongodb-engine uses A queries:

ListFields of EmbeddedFields use ToManyField and work for read, and almost for write

// This software was written listening to Ratatat. You might like them.