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Mediamonkey LastFMImporter

At this stage I no longer have the time/interest in maintaining this - as I don't use Mediamonkey myself any longer. If you need help in getting this running with python directly, or any help with dev'ing it further, feel free to open an issue.

This script sync's playcounts and last played dates into MM. It will find total playcounts of every track in your history, check if it is higher than the value in the database (for all tracks of that title/artist - even if multiples) and updates it if so. It will also update the last played times for all tracks with a newer last played on than in your MM database.

Get it from:

Direct link:

It's been extensively tested now, but if you run into issues, sending me the log file would be a great help! %appdata%\MediaMonkey\Scripts\LastFmImport\Log.txt


Source code is up at The tree needs cleaning up but figured I'd shove it up anyway given I'm now distributing an exe so you can look at the source code. It's compiled with pyinstaller.

Version history is here: