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Efficient, Physically-Plausible Rendering of Nested Dielectric Surfaces in Production.
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JF Nested Dielectric

Arnold Shader Copyright (c) 2014, Psyop Media Company, LLC and Jonah Friedman

By Jonah Friedman

Binaries builds by Jonah Friedman provided for Windows 64, for 4.0.x and 4.1.x. 4.1 binaries will work in Arnold 4.2 as well. Linux builds by Vladimir Jankijevic and Benoit Leveau. OS X build by Jan Walter.

Contributions, questions, and suggestions are also welcomed.

Based on the 2002 paper by Charles M. Schmidt and Brian Budge, Simple Nested Dielectrics in Ray Traced Images available here:

See license.txt for license.


Full documentation:


Download the entire repo as a zip, using the "download as zip" button on the right sidebar of the github page. Then move the appropriate binaries and helper files (found under source) into the right directories of Softimage or Maya. Note: If you instead download individual files from github, you may accidentally download HTML files instead of the actual raw files, which of course won't work.

Building from Source

To build:

git clone
cd jf-nested-dielectric
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/install_root
make install


  • Benoit Leveau
  • Vladimir Jankijevic
  • Jan Walter
  • Chad Dombrova
  • Daniel Hennies
  • Vahan Sosoyan

Special Thanks To

  • Andy Jones
  • Tony Barbieri
  • Andy Gilbert
  • Todd Akita
  • Nisa Foster

Release Notes


  • Fixes a bug causing a crash when there are two perfectly overlapping pieces of geometry, such as duplicate geometry.


  • Fixed a bug where shadow rays were evaluating wrong if they originated from inside nested dielectric, for example a standard shader embedded in some nested dielectric glass.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred with perfectly overlapping geometry inside of a nested surface, and fixed a crash with huge numbers of overlapping geometries.


  • Fixed a new bug in Arnold 4.2 where Cook-Torrance speculars would render incorrectly (due to the inclusion of Anisotropic Cook-Torrance.)

  • Note: Arnold 4.1 is binary compatible with Arnold 4.2, so there are no seperate binaries for 4.2.


  • Added specular light contributions to direct speculars. Direct refraction is not affected.


  • Fixed issue reported by Vahan Sosoyan where a glass of liquid could look wrong in reflection.
  • Added Cinema 4D helper files by Daniel Hennies

To build on Linux: Make sure you've added $ARNOLD_PATH to your environment variables Make sure $ARNOLD_PATH/bin is in your PATH:

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