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Getting ready (everyone)

$ git clone
$ cd PeaCoq

Dependencies (NixOS)

For all of you 1337 hax0rz, shell.nix should pull all the necessary dependencies.

$ nix-shell
# brace yourself, this might take a while the first time!

Dependencies (other distributions)

Using your package manager of choice, pull the following dependencies:

Dependency Version Bound Comment
cabal-install 1.22 ~ Use the most recent available
Camlp5 6.14 ? Not sure, just get the most recent available
Coq 8.5 + Will definitely not work on < 8.5
GHC 7.10.2 ~+ I believe I use some of the recent features
NodeJS (npm) 3.8.6 ? Any version might work
OCaml 4.02.3 ~+ Might work on anything >= 4, if Coq builds

Plus, the following cabal dependencies must be pulled manually:

$ cabal install alex happy

Building (everyone)

Optionally (but recommended), you can run cabal update, then:

$ ./ will perform a lot of operations:

  1. Check that the required software is present and versions

  2. Clean up existing installations of peacoqtop and peacoq-server

  3. Build and install peacoqtop, a wrapper around coqtop

  4. Build and install peacoq-server, a small server to communicate with the front-end

  5. make the OCaml plugin that enriches Coq's protocol for PeaCoq

  6. npm install some JavaScript modules needed by the front-end

  7. typings install some TypeScript definitions needed to type-check the front-end

  8. tsc -p . transpiles the front-end from TypeScript to JavaScript

  9. Finally a configuration file will be created in your home directory

So it will take a while the first time, and steps 3, 4, 6, and 7 will require an Internet connection.

Running PeaCoq

./peacoq -p <PORT>

Then navigate to http://localhost:<PORT>/index.html to start using PeaCoq!


<C> will refer to a Ctrl or Command key. <M> will refer to a Alt or Option key.

Note: certain shortcuts offer a poor user experience on Windows and possibly MacOS.

They will eventually be re-bind-able. Feel free to alter them in web/ts/editor/keybindings.ts.

Shortcut Action
<C> <M> L Load a file
<C> <M> S Save a file
<C> <M> Up Step backward
<C> <M> Right Step to caret
<C> <M> Down Step forward
<C> <M> + Increase font
<C> <M> - Decrease font