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_includes creating liquid variables Apr 21, 2016
_layouts adding facebook like button Sep 19, 2016
_site tweak Apr 21, 2016
bootstrap adding other Apr 20, 2016
css adding jekyll stuff Apr 20, 2016
images adding jekyll stuff Apr 20, 2016
javascripts adding jekyll stuff Apr 20, 2016
stylesheets tweak to go throuh Apr 20, 2016 Update Apr 24, 2019
_config.yml Update _config.yml Aug 11, 2017 Added Stephanie to the board list; my mistake. May 18, 2019
league.html adding comments Sep 21, 2016
params.json Create gh-pages branch via GitHub Apr 20, 2016


Public Invention home repository

Please visit the live website (hosted with GitHub Pages.)

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