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A Note on Branding

Public Invention is fiercely open; we "Invent in the public, for the Public."

But we do NOT allow our brands, marks, and logos to be reused without written permission.

Although we host over 60 repos, each of which may have their own branding, our general style is:

  1. To use the "Roboto Slab" font where possible.
  2. "Public Invention Green" is 0x0c572b.
  3. "Public Invention Contrast Green" is 0x7cbd31.
  4. "Public Invention White" is pure white: 0xffffff.

Some of our marks

Current marks we use are:

  1. Public Invention
  2. PubInv
  3. "Invent in the public, for the Public."
  4. VentMon
  5. PolyVent
  6. PolyVent Educational Platform
  7. GPAD
  8. General Purpose Alarm Device
  9. Unscrew Propeller


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