Masternode Setup Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04 ... The easy way

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Let's say my Masternode name will be Alice

A main PC – it will run the control wallet, hold your ZEON and can be turned on and off without affecting the masternode.

Masternode Server (VPS – the computer that will be online 24/7 and have Static IP) A unique IP address for your VPS (For security reasons, you’re are going to need a different IP for each masternode)

Setup VPS Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04

Login to your Vps ...

git clone

cd Zeon_Master_setup


You will get this : Screenshot

Setup Your Windows Qt wallet

Requirements for ZEON masternode: 1,000/3,000/5,000 ZEON

Download, unzip , launch and let synchronise ZEON QT wallet on your local PC.

For Windows 64 bit

For Windows 32 bit

In Tools ---> Console type :

getaccountaddress Alice (This is the ZEON address where to send 1,000/3,000/5,000 ZEON )

In Send ---> Send to

Send 1,000/3,000/5,000 to the above address

In Tools ---> Console type :

masternode outputs (This is the txhash and the outputidx )

In Tools ----> Open Masternode Configuration File : put the line with your values from VPS setup :

Alice IP:32222 Masternode_Private_Key txhash outputidx

Restart wallet and then :

In Tools ---> Console

startmasternode alias false Alice

Back To VPS


A message “masternode successfully started” should appear

Crtl C to exit nodemon


You have successfully created your masternode!

ZEON : ZYFbfTSABh7hq2guBzSpkmiJGABX4NhLp9

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