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Public Tree Map uses open datasets to document publicly owned park + street + landmark trees in Santa Monica, California. Please see below for more information about the data sources and project. Please see the companion data pipeline repository for details about how we process data.

We primarily use javascript.

Protocol for pull requests + code review

  • Please review open issues and link your pull request to the relevant issue.
  • Please create new branch!
  • In your pull request, please list and explain all proposed changes to the code base (additions, deletions). If you reuse code from elsewhere, please make sure you've attributed it.
  • Please apply all relevant labels to your pull request.
  • Please request a review (either from a specific person or from the slack channel).
  • Reviewers: please review all proposed changes, write comments and questions in line notes. Please review all updates made at your request.
  • Reviewer and requester: please confirm with each other that the PR is ready to merge. Please make sure that the PR branch name documents the new changes.

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