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Welcome to fingertips_py's documentation


This is a python package to interact with Public Health England's [Fingertips]( data tool. Fingertips is a major repository of population and public health indicators for England. The site presents the information in many ways to improve accessibility for a wide range of audiences ranging from public health professionals and researchers to the general public. The information presented is a mixture of data available from other public sources, and those that are available through user access agreements with other organisations. The source of each indicator presented is available using the get_metadata_for_indicator() function.

This package can be used to load data from the Fingertips API into python for further use.


This packaged should be installed using pip:

` pip install fingertips_py `

Or it can be compiled from source (still requires pip):

` pip install git+ `


fingertips_py should be imported and used in line with standard python conventions. It is suggested that if the whole package is to be imported

then the following convention is used:

` import fingertips_py as ftp `

The package returns data in a variety of types dependent on the function.

For more information on any function, you can use:

` help(*fingertips_py function name*) `

Or you can view the documents [here](


This is an example of a workflow for retrieving data for the indicator on Healthy Life Expectancy at Birth from the Public Health Outcomes Framework profile.

``` import fingertips_py as ftp

phof = ftp.get_profile_by_name('public health outcomes framework') phof_meta = ftp.get_metadata_for_profile_as_dataframe(phof['Id']) indicator_meta = phof_indicators[phof_meta['Indicator'].str.contains('Healthy')] print(indicator_meta)

Indicator ID Indicator ...

0 90362 0.1i - Healthy life expectancy at birth ... 55 92543 2.05ii - Proportion of children aged 2-2½yrs r... ... ```

We can see that the Healthy life expectancy at birth indicator has an id of 90362. The data for this indicator at all geographical breakdowns can be retrieved using get_data_for_indicator_at_all_available_geographies()

` healthy_life_data = ftp.get_data_for_indicator_at_all_available_geographies(90362) `


This project is released under the [GPL-3]( licence.

.. automodule:: fingertips_py.metadata
.. automodule:: fingertips_py.api_calls
.. automodule:: fingertips_py.retrieve_data
.. automodule:: fingertips_py.area_data

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