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The Public Mapping Project
== Repository Layout ==
The Public Mapping Project repository contains all the sourcecode necessary
for deploying a functional redistricting web application. This document
describes the organization and layout of the project's SVN repository.
+- django/ Contains all program code relevant to the web
| application, which is powered by the django framework.
+- docs/ Contains documentation of the Public Mapping Project.
| This directory contains the project's INSTALL file,
| which contains information on installation and
| configuration of the web application.
| The ADDING_LAYERS document describes the process of
| adding a new set of geography for display and editing.
| Automatically generated python class documentation is
| saved in the html/ directory. To view the current class
| documentation, please see:
+- sld/ Contains the style descriptors for the geographic
| data served up by geoserver. These files are also
| served up by the web application for display in the
| map legend.
+- sql/ Contains sql setup scripts for creating the initial
spatial database, in addition to upgrade sql scripts
for migrating old versions of DistrictBuilder to newer