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Time Server App

Welcome to the PNTP Time server app. This page will help you getting started with your app and explain the functionality behind the app.

Getting started

You will need an android smart phone, preferably one that's rooted, but that isn't necessary for basic functionality. Download this project and extract it to a directory of your choice. For our instructions we will be using ~/Documents/PNTP/.


On top of the smart phone you will need the following programs:

For Macs Android File Transfer


Once you have all items installed on your system you will open Android Studio and select open an existing Android Studio Project. Navigate to the directory you extracted the PNTP project to and select it. Once it's open go to the top bar, select Android Studio, preferences. Search for SKD, then select the SDK's you'll need for your phone. This app supports Nougat to Pie SDKs (24 - 28). After that is selected hit apply and okay. At the bottom of your project there should be a terminal, click in the terminal area and past ./gradlew build. This will build the APK and drop it in the ~/Documents/PNTP/app/build/outputs/apk/ directory in either the debug or release directory.


If you would like to root your phone please look up specific directions for your make and model of phone, be aware that this often voids your warranty so do so at your own risk.

To install the APK on your phone you'll need to have developer settings enabled and USB debugging turned on. This is Done by going into your settings, about phone, and tapping on the OS version several times (usually around 5). You will get an alert saying that you are now a developer. Go back into your settings, go to advanced or more settings, Developer Options, and select USB Debugging as well as Install via USB. Now that's complete plug your phone into your computer, and on your phone select File Transfer. On your computer open either a new explorer window or on mac open Android File Transfer. Navigate to a directory you want the APK to be, the Downloads directory is usually a good one. Drag the APK from ~/Documents/PNTP/app/build/outputs/apk/debug to the directory of your choice. Unplug the phone and use a file explorer on the phone to navigate to the APK, click it and install it.

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