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This is a CKAN extension that hosts various plugins needed for PublicaMundi project!


pip install -r requirements.txt
python develop
paster publicamundi --config /path/to/development.ini setup

Update CKAN configuration

Edit your CKAN .ini configuration file (e.g. your development.ini) and activate the plugins as usual. For now, the supported plugins are:

  • publicamundi_dataset: Provides validation logic, storage logic and ui controls for schema-following metadata (e.g. INSPIRE).
  • publicamundi_multilingual_dataset: Extend publicamundi_dataset to support multilingual metadata.
  • publicamundi_package: Provides synchronization of package metadata to other databases (e.g. to the integrated CSW service, through pycsw).
  • publicamundi_vector: Provide processing and services for vector-based spatial resources. See more at
  • publicamundi_raster: Provide processing and services for raster-based spatial resources. See more at
  • publicamundi_analytics: Process backend logs to extract information on user requests. See more at


Here we cover some of the configuration settings for only basic plugins of ckanext-publicamundi. Settings which are specific to a storer plugin (either publicamundi_vector or publicamundi_raster) are documented in their dedicated README file.

The most common settings are:

# Specify which dataset types are enabled
ckanext.publicamundi.dataset_types = ckan inspire foo
ckanext.publicamundi.extra_fields = spatial

# Indicate whether a more relaxed name pattern can be used for dataset names
ckanext.publicamundi.validation.relax_name_pattern = true 

# Specify a list of formats which should be considered as services (APIs)
ckanext.publicamundi.api_resource_formats = wms wcs wfs csw

# Add extra top-level (i.e not contained in schema) metadata fields. This is usually needed to provide 
# a bridge to 3rd-party plugins that expect certain fields to be present (e.g. `spatial` from `spatial_metadata`).
ckanext.publicamundi.extra_fields = spatial

# Specify a list of pre-existing resource formats to be used as autocomplete suggestions
ckanext.publicamundi.resource_formats = 
# raster file formats 
    geotiff bitmap png jpeg
# vector file formats
    shapefile sqlite gml kml
# services, apis

# Specify the path to pycsw configuration 
ckanext.publicamundi.pycsw.config = %(here)s/pycsw.ini

# Specify the endpoint under which CSW service is running (if it exists)
ckanext.publicamundi.pycsw.service_endpoint = %(ckan.site_url)s/csw


The publicamundi command suite provides several subcommands to help managing the extension. Retreive a full list of available subcommands (along with their help):

paster publicamundi --config /path/to/development.ini

To get help on a particular subcommand (e.g. widget-info):

paster publicamundi --config /path/to/development.ini widget-info --help


paster publicamundi --config /path/to/development.ini cleanup

Copying and License

This material is copyright (c) 2013-2016 of the PublicaMundi development team.

It is Free Software and Open Source Software, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0 whose full text may be found at:

More details at LICENSE <

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