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~=[,,_,,]:3 Nyan cat on the eshell prompt. Builds on top of the awesome nyan-mode ~=[,,_,,]:3
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Add the following hook to your emacs conf:

(add-hook 'eshell-load-hook 'nyan-prompt-enable)


James J Porter showed me nyan-mode. I love nyan cat but hate scroll bars. I wanted to bring nyan-cat to my emacs so I found a middle way.

How could you enhance the awesomeness.

  • Make nyan-cat move!
  • Make it a multline prompt with the rainbow taking up the folder space
  • Unite with nyan-mode and see where else can we stick nyan cat in?


Copying is an act of Love, please copy.


Javier Olaechea (, 2013.

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