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A Bukkit plugin for sending titles and setting the header and footer of the player list. Spigot Project Page

For Developers

The Repository

Example for Gradle .kts:


Example for Gradle:

maven {
    url ''

Example for Maven:


The dependency

Example for Gradle .kts:


Example for Gradle:

compile group: '', name: 'TitleManager', version: '2.3.1'

Example for Maven



If your plugin can't run without TitleManager add the following line to your plugin.yml file.

depend: [TitleManager]

If your plugin can run without TitleManager, then add the following line to your plugin.yml file instead

softdepend: [TitleManager]

Getting the API instance

Once you want to use TitleManager's API, you'll need an instance of TitleManagerAPI, which carries all of the methods available for TitleManager. I suggest getting the instance once you load your plugin and store it somewhere easily accessible, for this example I'll however just be storing it locally in the onEnable method.

public void onEnable() {
  TitleManagerAPI api = (TitleManagerAPI) Bukkit.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("TitleManager");

For kotlin I suggest using the lazy delegate for storing the instance of TitleManager when accessed.

val titleManagerAPI : TitleManagerAPI by lazy { Bukkit.getServer().pluginManager.getPlugin("TitleManager") }