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Creating Custom Controls Part 1: ExtendedListView with Endless Scrolling and Selectable/Unselectable Items
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ExtendedListViewExample.sln Added the base files, layouts and structure for the sample project Dec 11, 2018


Creating Custom Controls Part 1: ExtendedListView with Endless Scrolling + TappedCommand

Hey Guys!

Lately, I have been seeing members of the community asking around for custom views for different use cases, so I have decided to make a series of 3 parts, In which I will be creating different custom controls to demonstrate how Xamarin gives us the power to customize and add all the functionality we may need to the basic controls we already have available, giving you the ability complimented with some time to have some thoughts on how to create some really interesting and useful components for your apps.

The Use cases we will be talking about through this series will be the following:

  • Endless Scrolling + ItemTapped (ExtendedListView)
  • Custom Stepper + Carousel view (SliderView)
  • Timeline of Events (TimeLineView)

First use case to dive into creating custom controls will be the Endless Scrolling Listview

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