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SB 1234Select

Add shortcut for switching swiftly between select modes in 3D view and UVeditor

DEMO Youtube

Download latest (right click, save Target as)

Why ?

To switch between selection mode in Blender you have to do "ctrl+tab then key" or "move mouse + clic + reposition mouse". These actions are heavily repeated during modelling and deserves dedicated keys. Guess what ? these are available !


This addon map hotkeys for edit mode only on the top row numbers keys. (incompatible with "emulate numpad" option)


  • 1 - Vertex
  • 2 - Edge
  • 3 - Face
  • 4 - Limit selection to visible (occlude geometry)


  • 1 - Vertex
  • 2 - Edge
  • 3 - Face
  • 4 - Island

Now you don't have to hit ctrl+tab before ! Just hit one key and speed-up your workflow.

Thanks to CoDEmanX and Atom for their helps (intended or not ^^) Happy blending