Blender addon - add shortcut to swap active object in selection
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Active swap

right click, "save Target As"

Download (qwerty)

(use combination with ` key)

Download (azerty Fr)

(use combination with ² key)

Allow to iterate active object/bones/vertexgroups in selectionselected with shortcuts (shift+`: next, ctrl+shift+` : prev)


The shortcuts use the key directly below escape (the left-most from the number top row). This key changes accoding to keyboard layouts...
use ` for qwerty
use ² for azerty Fr PC

press shift+key next object in selection become active
press ctrl+shift+key previous object in selection become active press alt+shift+key deselect active object (then next object in selection become active)

In vertex paint mode : iterate active group


  • Active vertex/edge/face swapping in Edit mode



  • Shortcuts are enabled all over editors (not just 3D-view) imply far less mouse trajectory ;) for exemple : allow to let the cursor in properties (over constraints or modifiers...) and quickly iterate to change parameter.


  • In vertex paint mode, iterate active vertex group
  • Active bone swapping in Armature mode
  • add a deselect shortcut to deselect active