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Add buttons in Blender UI to create a video from just rendered images sequence in one click

DEMO Youtube

Download latest (right click, save Target as)


Add 4 buttons in the Properties>Output pannel

When your image sequence render is finished, just choose the quality and hit "make video". In the last version the resize option was replaced by an auto trigger tickbox, allowing to create the video automatically after the render.

Choose between 3 preset:

  • Fast - fast encoding and light weight against quality (add "_L" suffix)
  • normal - good quality, average weight and encoding time
  • Final - slower - super quality and optimize weight (add "_F" suffix)


Output pannel with imgs2video Addon enabled


-Set fine tune settings for 3D image in the presets.

Update 03/03/2017

  • Subprocess ! Blender is no more locked during the encoding, you're free to continue the work !

Update 07/04/2016

  • removed useless "resize" functionnality (causing problem with some ffmpeg version)
  • added "auto launch" tickbox, allow to auto trigger the file creation after rendering