Blender addon - Keymap shortcuts to swap some areas of blender
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Blender addon - Keymap shortcuts to swap some areas of blender

Download latest (right click, save Target as)


You'll stop having both outliner and the properties panels on screen when they are one "Tab" away from each other !

Keymap Tab key to super quickly swap between outliner and properties.
Exactly like Shift+F7 for Property editor and Shift+F9 for outliner but waaay faster ;)

You can add the keymap manually the exact same way the addon does as shown in this french forum (which was the direct source for creating this addon)

But also:
Keymap Z to swap between dopesheet and graph editor. (Hjalti Hjalmarsson idea)

Keymap shift+Z to swap between timeline and dopesheet (my idea, hurray !)

bonus :
Keymap ctrl+shift+alt+X to iterate in properties panels tabs (the shortcut is way to complex but it's hard to get free left-hand-accessible shortcuts these days ^^)

1.4 Update (20/03/2017)

new shortcut : shift+Z swap timeline/dopesheet

1.2 Update (11/03/2017)

new shortcut : ctrl+shift+alt+X iterate swap of properties panels tabs according to active object type and data availability of this object.


robert-trirop made an addon "editor switcher" that call a pie menu for switching area (with all area choices), if you want a quick way to change/relocate area, it may be better for you.