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Blender addon - add developpement tools to blender texte editor
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Blender addon - add developpement tools to blender texte editor

Download latest (right click, save Target as)

Download old (2.7 version) (right click, save Target as)

Demo Youtube


Add buttons to text-editor toolbar:

Helpers for your current script:

  • Print debug variable - Add a line in text to print selected variable on next execution
  • Disable all debug - Comment all lines terminating with "#Dbg" (like the print debug variable do)
  • Enable all debug
  • Expand text shortcuts - Replace C. with bpy.context. and D. with
  • write classes tuple - Write a tuple at cursor containing all classes in file (for register/unregister in loop)
  • Text diff external - Print a diff with internal text and external source in console (appears only if file is external)
  • Open folder - Open folder where text is located in OS browser
  • Open externally - Open in external default editor or associated program

Opening addons places on disk:

  • Open scripts buit-in - open addon location in the installation directory where addons shipped with blender are stored
  • Open scripts user - open local user addon source (Where it goes when you do an "install from file", e.g: in "Appdata roaming" for windows)
  • Open scripts external - open external scripts location if any specified (in Prefs > File)

Inserting / printing infos about blender:

  • Print usefull resources path - Print in console all paths relative to addons location, config path and more
  • Insert date - Insert current date at cursor position. re-clic add hour. re-re-clic add abbreviated day
  • Release infos - Insert blender release info (Date, Hash, branch), Usefull for bug report (print full build info in console)

Add text-editor shorctut:

  • Ctrl+Shift+I : add a quick import/classic module statement at cursor
  • Ctrl+P : add "print(selection)"
  • Ctrl+Shift+P : trigger print debug variable
  • Ctrl+L : Quote selection (with automatic quote or double quote choice)


22/06/2019 - 1.1.0:

  • added insert date and insert build infos

21/06/2019 - 1.0.9:

  • added buttons to open easily all addons sources folder used by blender
  • open function now use subprocess instead of os.system (more robust on all platform and no risk to block UI)
  • bug fixing for 2.8 version

19/02/2019 - 1.0.8:

  • version 2.8
  • added button write classes tuple (helper to create the register class)
  • added button to update linum in debug prints
  • added shortcut ctrl+shift+N to create a new text block - ! EDIT ! removed : Alt+N default shortcut does this

17/06/2018 - 1.0.7:

  • added button to open folder location in OS browser
  • Bugfix, open in external exditor now work in windows

19/12/2017 - 1.0.6 :

  • Fix problem when file seems unsync to blender but there is no difference (print 'no diff detected')


  • Ctrl+Shift+I create the text block if not any (it does the "ctrl+n" for you ;) )


  • add button to open in external default editor


  • add button to print difference between internal and external code in console


  • add text-editor shorctut: Ctrl+Shift+I : write a quick import/classic module statement


  • add C and D text shortcut expansion


  • add text-editor shorctut:

    • Ctrl+P : add "print(selection)"
    • Ctrl+shift+P : trigger print debug variable
    • Ctrl+L : Quote selection (with automatic quote or double quote selection)


  • checkbox to enable/disable hardcode line number in print
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