A GPL-licensed Python library that facilitates integration testing of Pulp.
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Ichimonji10 Release version 2018.07.19
Shortlog of commits since last release:

    David Davis (1):
          Update pulp-smash tests for better filter validation

    Jeremy Audet (4):
          Replace os_is_* functions
          Fix cross-plugin imports
          Make settings machinery support Pulp 3
          Move code for JWT auth out of top level

    ragabala (1):
          Adding unit tests for fips_is_enabled and fips_is_supported functions
Latest commit 4bb2e40 Jul 19, 2018


Pulp Smash


Pulp Smash is a test suite for Pulp. It lets you execute a workflow like this:

pip install pulp-smash
pulp-smash settings create  # generate the settings file
python3 -m unittest discover pulp_smash.tests  # run the tests

Pulp Smash is a GPL-licensed Python library, but no knowledge of Python is required to execute the tests. Just install the application, run it, and follow the prompts.

Pulp Smash has a presence on the following websites: