A Fan work recreation of Aurora4x in C#
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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/Pulsar4x/Lobby

A Fan work recreation of Aurora, a 4x space sim created by Steve Walmsley. Pulsar4x is being develop in in C#. The long term goal of the project was origonaly to produce a feature complete clone of Aurora. however due to Steve Walmsley picking up development on his own C# version of Aurora, this has started to vear off on it's own path, and has become a flexable, modable auroralike engine.


Main forum at: http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php/board,169.0.html

IRC channel #Pulsar4x on Freenode.
Gitter room at https://gitter.im/Pulsar4x/Lobby# (another chat system that uses your git account. messages are persistant and you can paste/drag and drop screenshots directly to the chat)

Bugs can be reported on the issue tracker.

Compiling Pulsar4x ECS-CrossPlatform branch:

To compile Pulsar4x we recommend VisualStudio 2015 Community Edition. we're starting to use a bit of C#6, so 2013 is not recomended unless you know what you're doing.
Xamarin Studio does work under windows, and the process is the same as for VS2015.


MonoDevelop Mono-Complete and we recomended that you also install: Monodevelop-nunit (to run the unit tests) In monodevelop Tools -> Addin Manager -> Gallery install Eto.Forms Support Addin (this adds some autocomplete to the eto.forms xaml, and shows a live preview of forms as you code them, and adds some Templates for the eto.forms stuff. Note that the latest flatpack versions of monodevelop has issues due to running in a sandbox, currently I am unable to get the game to run/debug under the latest flatpack version of MD. installing via this script: https://github.com/cra0zy/monodevelop-run-installer is an option, and will run/debug, however versioncontrol is currently disabled due to a missing dependancy. also note that eto.forms plugin for MD is not currently as feature complete as it is for VS.

For the current ui to work, you'll need SDL version 2.0.5 or higher, if you're runing ubuntu < than 18, you'll likely need to compile and install SDL from source, if your update repositories are high enough you should be fine. this shouldnt be a problem in windows since the dll is included for the windows build.


mono + GTK + Xamarin Studio http://www.monodevelop.com/download/

Cross Platforms:

Another IDE option is the cross platform Rider from jetbrains: https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/
I'm currently using this under linux and I'm finding it a good option, though a bit heavier than MonoDevelop, it's lighter and more responsive than Visual studio. Although in beta it apears to have all the bells and whistles, and currently a lot easier to setup than MD, and a far faster install than VS. Currently only tested in linux (and mac?) There is currently no Eto.forms plugin for Rider.


NOTE: you'll need a 64bit PC. possibly 32bit windows could be done but some libs are not availible in 32bit linux. you'll need SDL2 installed.

  1. Clone the Git Repo.

  2. Open the solution file "Pulsar4X\Pulsar4X.sln". in Monodevelop or Visual studio

  3. a. If you're running Windows: Let me know, I've not yet tested this yet.

  4. b. If you're running Linux: Should work.

c. If you're running Mac: you'll need xamarin studio to compile it for mac, I've not tested this. let me know.

  1. Set the imguinetUI project as the startup project. and run/debug to compile.

Note! there are a number of nuget packages that VS/Monodevelop should automaticaly get the first time you attempt to build. the IDE will have a number of errors, build the solution anyway, VS will get the packages for you.

##Working with the code: I need to flesh this section out a bit more, but for now, read the pages in the wiki, or ask me on IRC.