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Companion Material for the book: Building Embedded Systems - Programmable Hardware
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Building Embedded Systems

--- Programmable Hardware

This repository contains the companion material for the book "Building Embedded Systems - Programmable Hardware"

The cross-reference between folders and book chapters is as following:


Labs in Chapter 2, Power-on and Bootloader


USB code mainly for Chapter 5 - Bus Architecture
- RS232_Loop: Example of RS232 Loop, for Cypress EZ-USB FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller
- Inf file for USB CDC
- WinUSB Application and Install Disk. works with Visual Studio Express


code for Chapter 6, Firmware Coding in C

/Software/CPP; /Tools/scripts

code for Chapter 7, Firmware Coding in C++ and Script Languages


code for Chapter 8, Building and Deployment

/Hardware/Synchronizer; /Hardware/

code for Chapter 9, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays


code for Chapter 12, Fixed Point Math


code for Chapter 13, Prepare the Tools
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