Building a Lego Monster Truck with PulseRain M10
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Building a Lego Monster Truck with PulseRain M10, please visit the following for more information:


This repository contains the firmware and host python script for building a stick shift Lego Monster Truck


*) open the Truck_Firmware/Truck_Firmware.ino in Arduino IDE. Press "CTRL-R" to build it

*) find the .hex file in correspondent Arduino folder (You can find the folder name by turnning on verbose output in Arduino IDE)

*) power off the M10 board

*) put a jumper to JP6

*) reconnect the USB cable. Use M10_config_gui.exe ( to program the .hex file into M10 board

*) Power off M10 board again remove the jumper. And put everything back together.

Host Python Script:

*) Turn on power of Lego Monster Truck. Make sure the blue LED on ESP8266 shield is blinking.

*) (Assume a Windows Laptop is being used.) Turn on the Wifi. look for an AP name "LEGO8266A". Password is "1234567890", or whatever configured by the firmware

*) After the Wifi is connected. Open a command prompt and run the python script ""

*) If the Wifi is not configured properly, the script will quit with a socket exception. Otherwise, it will prompt you to key in the control. Use I/J/K/M (case sensitive) for Forward/Left/Right/Back. Use space to stop. And press "ctrl-D" three times to exit the script

Control with Joystick:

With the help of JoyToKey (, you can use a joystick to replace the key stroke.

Have Fun!