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VERSION release: Zephyr 1.13.0 Sep 11, 2018 Introduce cmake-based rewrite of KBuild Nov 9, 2017
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Port to PulseRain Reindeer Soft CPU

This repository is a fork of Zephyr 1.13.0 release, and is customized to support PulseRain Reindeer Soft CPU

Development Environment Setup on Linux

Before the build, please follow the instructions here to setup development environment.

The rest of the document assumes Linux is used as host for build, and Zephyr SDK 0.9.5 is used for toolchain.

Build the Sample Applications

The following 3 sample applications have been tested with the PulseRain Reindeer Soft CPU.

  • hello_world
  • synchronization
  • philosophers

To build for sample applications, users can do as following: (take philosophers for example)

$ git clone

$ cd zephyr/samples/philosophers;mkdir build;cd build

$ cmake -DBOARD=reindeer ..

$ make

And the elf file can be found in build/zephyr/zephyr.elf