Pulse Train Hat Controlling Coil Winding Machine example
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Pulse Train Hat Controlling Coil Winding Machine example

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Examples for the PTHAT http://www.pthat.com

Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 IOT Universal Application C# Direct link to example http://pthat.com/index.php/project/pthat-example-coil-winder/

All the software supplied with these examples are full source code that needs to be compiled in Visual Studio 2015 as Universal Windows Applications and are for Windows 10. Visual Studio Express can be downloaded for free from Microsoft. At the moment they are written in C# but we will convert them over to other languages such as VB.NET if the demand is there. In many of the examples the code is not optimised and laid out as easy as we can to give you examples of working programs for controlling the PTHAT. If you improve the code or expand the application then it would be great if you could send it to us and we will add it as a download to help other developers out.

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