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Pummelchen Cheat for NovaLogic Joint Operations
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Pummelchen Cheat 2016

This is a game cheat for NovaLogic® Joint Operations™ released in 2004.

The Pummelchen cheat works fine with the Escalation addon and the Combined Arms™ package.


Initially released in 2007 the Pummelchen cheat became popular in the community and famous among developers for its small size by hooking only required APIs. Same year the Pummelchen SDK 1.0 was released which contained open source injectors and a wide range of additional game improvement options unseen before. The code went fully open source shortly after the first releases. Updates to stay compatible with the game were released in 2009 and 2012. Based on NovaLogic®'s decision to stop supporting PunkBuster™ many years ago the Pummelchen cheat became the de-facto standard game cheat used by countless players till today.

Game Download

You can download the Joint Operations™ Combined Arms™ for free from this link:

Original activation keys are available on Amazon and eBay for less than 5 USD these days.

Cheat Features

  • Supports Joint Operations
  • Fully tested and safe to use on official NovaLogic® and private servers
  • Windows 10 and 8.1 optimized
  • Ultra small DLL size of just 4 KB
  • Open Source Code in pure C++

Game Improvements

  • Wallhack
  • Player Highlight (Yellow/Red)
  • Claymores & Anti-Tank Mines Highlight (Yellow/Red)
  • No Fog
  • No Smoke
  • No Sky
  • No Grass

Compile Instructions

  • Install Visual Studio 2015
  • Install Microsoft DirectX SDK June 2010
  • Build the Pummelchen.dll
  • UPX the DLL

How to use

  • Inject Pummelchen.dll into the game with your favorite loader
  • Verify that the Pummelchen.dll is active by going into the Player configuration inside the game
  • If the player figure appears in red color all features are activated, no need to press any keys

Final Word

Thanks for 12 years of fun with this game !


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