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Welcome to the SlicerAstro wiki

Intro: SlicerAstro, an Astronomy (HI) extension for 3DSlicer

Upcoming HI (neutral Hydrogen) surveys will deliver large datasets, and automated processing using the full 3D information (two positional dimensions and one spectral dimension) to find and characterize HI objects is imperative. In this context, visualization is an essential tool for enabling qualitative and quantitative human control on an automated source finding and analysis pipeline. Visual Analytics, the combination of automated data processing and human reasoning, creativity and intuition, supported by interactive visualization, enables flexible and fast interaction with the 3D data, helping the astronomer to deal with the analysis of complex sources. 3D visualization, coupled to modeling, provides additional capabilities helping the discovery and analysis of subtle structures in the 3D domain.

SlicerAstro youtube channel and google slides

SlicerAstro publications

If you find SlicerAstro useful and intend to use it for your own research, we would appreciate a reference to the original SlicerAstro papers in any publication resulting from that work:

Other publications



  • Davide Punzo (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen)
  • Thijs van der Hulst (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen)
  • Jos Roerdink (Johann Bernoulli Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Groningen)
  • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (Kitware Inc.)
  • Andras Lasso (PerkLab, Queen's University)
  • Steve Pieper (Isomics Inc.)


This work was supported by the European Research Council under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013)/ERC Grant Agreement nr. 291-531.


In August 2018 financial support (ERC Grant Agreement nr. 291-531) for SlicerAstro development has ended. The software will be maintained at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen, but further development is currently on hold. If you have any query, pull request and/or ideas you can still contact us or submit a ticket.

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