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A Puppet module for setting up Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) controllers and clients
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A Puppet module for setting up Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) studio, controller and client systems.

Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Setup - The basics of getting started with hlk
  3. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality


This module can fully configure HLK controllers and HLK clients.


What hlk affects

The ::hlk::controller class install the HLK controller software from the Puppet fileserver and creates a local Windows user (default: 'hlkclient') for accessing the HLK client installation medium through a Samba share. Although the HLKInstall share should be readable by anonymous users, that access seems to be prone to breakage. The Samba share is created and exported to clients automatically.

When HLK Controller software is installed it automatically opens up ports 1771 (HLK server receiver) and 1782 (HLKSvc receiver) in the Windows Firewall, allowing all inbound connections to those ports.

The ::hlk::client class mounts the HLK installation Samba share on client systems, install the HLK client software from it and installs the driver test certificate on the system.

Installing HLK Client software puts Windows into test mode automatically, so it will accept gladly accept such test-signed drivers.

Setup Requirements

This module depends on puppetlabs-dsc and geoffwilliams-mount_windows_smb.

HLK client systems need to be able to access port 445 on the HLK controller in order to install the HLK client software.

The $::fqdn fact of the HLK controller is used as part of the HLKInstall Samba share URI. This can be overridden with class parameters if the $::fqdn is something funky.


Setting up HLK controller from a profile:

class profile::hlk_controller {

  $hlk_user = 'hlkclient'
  $hlk_user_password = lookup('hlk_user_password',String)

  class { '::hlk::controller':
    installer_source  => 'puppet:///files/HLKSetup.exe',
    hlk_user_password => $hlk_user_password,
    hlk_user          => $hlk_user,

Setting up an HLK client from a profile:

class profile::hlk_client {

  $testcert = 'tap0901.cer'
  $testcert_source = "puppet:///modules/profile/${testcert}"

  class { '::hlk::client':
    testcert        => $testcert,
    testcert_source => $testcert_source,

For details see

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