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Standing Desk App

Standing Desk App is a small utility by Puppy Bongos created to time how long you sit and stand while using a standing desk (or even just to remind you to stand up from sitting at a normal desk), all so you don't die from butt death.

Butt death is the worst kind of death.

Why Make This App?

There is one particular company (WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS (FOR NOW)) that makes a swell application for Windows that provides similar capability. Their OS X version, however, is buggy and difficult to install, so Standing Desk App was created to fix those issues and make it even better.


  • Ridiculously simple install and setup
  • Minimal interface: all main program functions are run from the menubar
  • Set snooze and pause-on-idle times, in addition to the obvious sitting and standing ones
  • Pause timer if you know you're going to be away (or you want to cheat)
  • Uses both notifications and sound alerts to remind you of the next action


Download the latest release of Standing Desk App, double-click on the ZIP file, move the resulting .app file into your /Applications directory, and then double-click it.


If it's your first time running the application, the Preferences window will appear, giving you a chance to peruse default settings and change them, if need be. Check the box that's labeled "Start application at login?" if you wish to never have to double-click the app ever again.


The Preferences window (which can be accessed from the main menubar icon) allows you to change the following settings:


  • Standing time
  • Sitting time
  • Pause after idle time
  • Snooze time
  • Start on login option


  • Stand alert sound, and its volume
  • Sit alert sound, and its volume

Note: Custom sounds can be added to the program by putting them in your ~/Library/Sounds directory. Any format (WAV, AIF, MP3, etc.) that OS X supports will work.

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