App for checking Purdue dorm laundry availabilities
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Laundry App for Purdue University. Play Store Link.

Tired of having to go to the laundry room, only to find out that there's no space available? The Purdue Laundry app solves that by having all the details of your dorm's laundry room in the palm of your hand!

We pull information from the Purdue washer and dryer websites. The stability of these websites is out of our hands, unfortunately.


We would love contributions to this app! We are always looking for improvements. Please feel free to develop the app using the dev branch, if you are an official contributor, or using PRs if you are not.

If you are interested in being involved in discussion about this app please submit an issue requesting access to our Slack account.

Development on this app is managed through Github issues and milestones. If you are looking for something to do with Laundry, check the milestones for the next release and pick an issue from that list. Anything and everything you do, please create an issue and tracker it in the Kanban Board here.

Server contributions

The server for this application is available here and accepts PRs as well.


Washer Icon used is Washing Machine by Adji Herdanto from the Noun Project.

Dryer icon used is Dryer by Nicholas Navarro from the Noun Project. Modified for more color by Jeff Hughes.


This app is copyright Jeffrey Hughes and Purdue ACM Special Interest Group for Applied Computing 2017. All rights reserved.


This code is licensed under the GPLv3 open source license. Full text is available here.